Mud Plant

Our Mud plant is located inside the Onne Oil & Gas Free Zone Plant in Port Harcourt. It occupies a total space of 1800sqm. The stacking areas here have been constructed to API specifications.  The formation of the stacking area is constructed of a hard-core cement stabilised laterite surface to support storage of Oil fluid tubulars to API standard RP5C1.  The majority of the pipe racks are on continuous end stacking with access by 8.0m wide concrete roads.  This enables pipe owners to monitor and turn over stocks of pipe on a more regular basis with less landing and movement of pipe.

 Dry Mud Plant

  • Two Dry Mud storage silos with approximate capacity of 120MT Baryte each
  • Two Dry Mud Silos with approximate capacity of 180MT Barytes each
  • Two dry mud silos with approximate capacity of 70MT Baryte each
  • One dry mud cutting silo with approximate capacity of 12MT Baryte
  • Two air compressor (600 CFM)

Liquid Mud Plant

  • Six 1000 bbl Liquid Mud Tanks
  • Two 1200 bbls Liquid Mud Tanks
  • Two 1200 bbls Brine Storage Tanks
  • Two 250 bbl Liquid Mud Tanks
  • Two 250 bbl Mix Tank
  • Two mobile mud lab.
  • One 8000bbls Base Oil Tank


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