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BLS Dirilling Fluids a division Best Land and Sea Services limited (BLS LTD) was incorporated as a private limited liability company on 2nd day of June 1987. It is owned 100% by General T Y Danjuma (Rtd) GCON. “a company growing to meet the needs of the Industry” Best Land and Sea Services Limited was founded in 1987 as an oil field service company, to provide services in the supply of Drilling, Work over and Completion fluids chemicals and Mud Engineering. The Company began with a complement of 20 employees: mud engineers, bulk plant operators, laboratory analysts and distribution personnel. After going through a series of teething problems associated with the growth of a new organization, BLS became completely reorganized with a new management, a new philosophy and orientation. Safety and the pursuit of high quality performance and the provision of a clean and healthful environment form the guiding principle of all company activities. “a commitment to growth through quality goods and services” The concept of quality in products and services has assumed the dimension of a new commitment within the organization. All products supplied by BLS are certified to meet required performance specifications and to comply with regulatory standards for health and the conservation of the environment. A high standard of Quality Assurance and Quality Control is being maintained for drilling mud chemicals as well as the mud itself. Trained and qualified laboratory technicians, occasionally assisted by field personnel, conduct tests on chemicals and mud and analyze results which help the operators in making weighty decisions in their jobs. “experience and training are our backbone” Our mud engineering team is built from experienced and versatile men whose total period of oil field work average over 10 years. They have worked in very hostile environments-deep hot holes, over pressured formations, on land, swamp and off-shore and in locations with high sticking tendency such as Gumbo and Afam shales. Our men are knowledgeable in Dispersed and non-Dispersed systems, Salt muds, inhibited systems and Polymer muds and Oil Base Systems, Low toxic and pseudo-oil base systems, Drill-in systems, Completion and Work over fluids. Our men are experienced in formation studies, drilling fluids selection and formulation: well programming and planning from FDP stages to completion, analyzing field results and preparing computer assisted well recaps.BLS offers the individual the opportunity to develop to his desired heights at a programmed pace. Our training programme is divided into three basic stages: a) Phase -I, introduces the engineer to basic principles or fundamentals, with on-hands training in the field and laboratory: b) Phase -II – tackles the more serious issues of mud engineering and is accomplished overseas. C) Phase – III is advances mud engineering, dealing with well control matters and blends engineering with management training and skills. Exposure is through Seminars, Workshops, and Schools etc. given at home and abroad. Update of skills and retraining are via the same avenues. “our support facilities are adequate” Our operations are supported by well equipped standard warehouses in Warri and Port Harcourt. The Port Harcourt warehouse has a covered area of 1,300 sq. meters with 10,000 sq. meters of stacking area, while there are 909 sq. meters of covered area in Warri. There are four silos, with a total capacity of 180 MT, a compressor with cutting bottle and a wide stacking area at the Onne Federal Ocean Terminal to serve the bulking requirements for the company’s operations. Liquid mud facilities in Onne FOT Base consists of six 1000bbl liquid mud tanks, two 1200bbl liquid mud tanks, two 250bbl liquid mud tanks, two 250bbl mixing tanks and one mobile mud laboratory. The company owns and maintains a number of light pick-up vans.Through a closely monitored relationship with sub-contractors, the company has retained the services of a number of well-serviced trailers for transportation of materials to drilling locations. Each of the company owned vehicles is equipped with a radio so that movements between points can be followed. The hired trucks are supplied with hand held radios, capable of covering 20 Kilometers radius. “development and management of safety have priority in BLS” Safety is well organized and managed in Best Land Sea Services Limited. Formalised system of spreading awareness is through monthly safety meetings, safety talks and suggestion and through billboard posters. Management of safety is through safety committee in which members of staff are encouraged to participate actively. Zero fatality, zero road accident and reduction in absence due to ill health are some of the targets for this year. A safety week is planned for the last quarter of each year. In keeping with Best Land’s concepts for environmental safety and environmental audit has been carried out on the company premises in accordance with FEPA regulations and conduct in each location Environmental Impact Assessment before we locate our plants and monitor it at locations where the company is engaged in drilling mud or in production activities.

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